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Our 2012 Initiative calls for attacking HIV/AIDS at its earliest stages by limiting transmission to newborns while pushing for more widespread testing of adults and parents.  This program also targets villages where there is an increased risk for disease due to unprotected sex.  We will recruit local churches to reach at-risk persons for testing and HIV/AIDS education before they

become ill.

Our strategic plan requires us to increase our resources and get more people tested and treated.  We need your support in this effort in order to treat people before they develop costly symptoms or infect others, including unborn children.

We are giving orphaned children the essentials for a safe and healthy childhood through our life saving HIV/AIDS programs like testing, drug treatment and sanitation supplies.

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Help Save Children's Lives. 

In Africa, AIDS kills 10,000 people a day.  Many victims leave behind small children.  14 million African children have been orphaned by AIDS.  How can Africa, already plagued by poverty and civil wars cope with this crisis?

ACHARGA has begun education programs to help stop the spread of AIDS.  We are expanding our resources to feed and clothe these children.  20 million African children have died from the disease and more are expected to die within three years.

One of the results of the AIDS epidemic sweep across Africa is the orphaning of millions of children who have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS.  Children in such circumstances often experience neglect, abuse, lack of stimulation, and extreme and toxic stress -- all of which have a profoundly negative impact on a child's development and adult outcomes. UNAIDS estimates that almost 90% of the world’s children living with HIV are in sub-Saharan Africa.  Sadly, fewer than 10% of these children are being reached by basic support services.


  1. Counseling programs in Nigeria;

  2. Contributing to enlightenment campaigns in Nigeria aimed at prevention of the virus;

  3. Home visitation by locally trained activists;

  4. Development of a volunteer corps to guarantee the sustainability of our on-going project;

  5. Development of monitoring and evaluation activities;

  6. Organized fieldwork staffed by grassroots groups attached to our project.

African Children's HIV/AIDS

Relief Global Alliance, Inc.

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